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Thursday, June 1st, 2023

Brookfield Conference Center


In Person Format

Call for speakers and sponsors open!

nvisia is excited to bring ProdCon back in 2023.

Join us as we kick off summer and  take a deep dive into the the full lifecycle of technology product development. From architect to executive level contributors, we will delve into the nitty-gritty with educational  presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions, all focused on our conference tracks.

This will be nvisia's seventh year of organizing annual tech events. It's no secret that Milwaukee is viewed as a "technology underdog" by other major tech hub cities throughout the United States. Our "why" for organizing these events is to unite the local and surrounding tech communities. We hope to inspire, make connections and empower the tech community as a whole to succeed and grow.

This will only make our regions a more vibrant ecosystem for technology.

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the official ProdCon conference tracks

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what people are saying

Milwaukee Tool

Events powered by nvisia supply immense, valuable opportunities for networking and learning. The content is always relevant and the venue/details are always on point which is why I’m a returning attendee.

Extra bonus, the nvisia team is always fun to engage with too.

This was our first year sponsoring an event powered by nvisia as a Giga Partner and I can 100% say we will be back for future events! The event truly had a variety of content, all relevant to industry trends and themes, that are current to that specific year. We felt that the event organizers not only prepared us on what to expect, prior to the day of the actual event, but had great communication all throughout, and after. All in all, my team and I were excited to be apart of such a great conference and are excited to participate in more in the future.

I’ve attended several events powered by nvisia, all have been informational and entertaining.  nvisia truly knows how to perfect the elements that make events valuable and fun. We’ve also been able to share our story as speakers at the events which has been great for our company. I look forward to attending many more events in the future!

Baker Tilly Digital

Penta Technologies




2023 sponsors
... coming soon



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Conact Anchor

Dana Moyano
Director of CX at nvisia

Josh Cherry
Director of Client Engagement at nvisia

Mark Caringello
Manager of Client Engagement at nvisia

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